Things to do before you move into a home or apartment

Moving into a new home or apartment is an exciting venture, no doubt. Hopefully, you’re moving up instead of down and will enjoy nicer living conditions and a more positive surrounding that helps you lead the life you want.

With that said, there are things to do before you move into any new home or apartment that are sure to make your stay more enjoyable. Each of these is equally as important, and you’d do well to cross everything off the list in order to maximize your quality of life.

 Before you move in…

  • Get a feel of who your future neighbors are and what they’re like. Yes, it’s hard to know this before you get settled in, which is why you should try and befriend someone in the area to get a rundown of who’s who. Any next-door-quirks or loud fraternity-esque parties going on? You’ll want to be prepared for any not-so-pleasant aspects of sharing a living space in the broader sense.
  • Inform yourself regarding crime in the area. Even if you just moved into a neighborhood that’s best described as ‘nice’, it could still be dealing with a series of recent break-ins – in fact, nice neighborhoods are sometimes the ones that are targeted the most because the would-be thieves perceive them as having the best loot (and oftentimes they do). If you suspect you might end up as the victim of a burglary in the future, outfit your new loft with a security system and anti-theft locks that will let you relax in your home.
  • Clean before moving the furniture in. Too often, home owners are overzealous when moving in and decide to add the furniture before making sure everything’s squeaky clean – this will make your job of cleaning a lot more difficult later on, so exercise some forethought. Clean the carpets in the home well and proper (and make sure any you’re bringing in are spotless as well), scrub those tiles, polish those hardwood floors and don’t skip any surface, even ones that seem perfectly clean – you’ll feel healthier and more comfortable in your new place as a result.
  • Make sure to notify everyone worth notifying that you moved residences. This includes various offices of Uncle Sam as well as everyone who might be sending you mail or notifications on a semi-regular basis, from friends and family to newspaper subscriptions (the former is especially important, as you don’t want your loved ones making a surprise trip to the wrong destination). This will save a lot of hassle for the new owners of your old home who would otherwise have to send you the misplaced mail (if they’re, y’know, nice enough not to throw it away).
  • Get familiarized with neighborhood rules and ordinances. It’s similar to the first point on the list – get to know what works and what doesn’t in your neighborhood. For example, you don’t want to be the only home owner with a loud-barking dog disturbing the whole ‘hood, nor do you want to keep the yard and garage lights up past the neighborhood ‘curfew’ – keeping an eye on these things will ensure you get accepted quickly instead of being seen as an unwelcome addition.