How to choose a moving company

Running a moving company can seem like a lucrative business, and one that’s easy enough. A van or a truck and you’re all set to go, huh? Unfortunately, this line of thinking has given room to some less-than-exemplary business practices, so you’ll need to know what to look for in a moving company before… moving. Here’s how to choose the right guys to bring your stuff from one place to another and avoid a moving company scam.

  • Ask whether they have ever traversed the exact route you’ll have them undertake. A moving company that’s already done transportation between the same A to B you’re hiring them for will have the luxury of experience – safer roads and those with less traffic, shortcuts, realistic estimates and so on. Good drivers can always handle a new road well, but a company with a history of doing exactly what you’d have them do is definitely one to look out for.
  • Make sure that the company is fully insured as well as licensed. You’re right in wanting the peace of mind that comes from knowing that, should something go awry during the trip, you’ll be compensated in full. Likewise, a working license will show you that you’re working with true professionals as opposed to ‘a guy with a truck’.

How to avoid a moving company scam

  • Consider the company’s moving approach – is it hands-off or do they provide all the assistance you could need? Needless to say, the latter option is definitely preferrable – never underestimate the difficulty of moving that is greatly amplified if you’re handling the effort on your own. A lot of moving companies will offer to help you with every part of the moving, from packing to moving furniture to unloading to setting up your new home – while these services will cost extra, the money is well worth it as you could end up breaking or damaging your precious belongings while trying to get them move-ready by your lonesome. Always look for a company with as feature-rich of a service as possible in order to have everything going smoothly.
  • Ask to examine the condition of the moving vehicle beforehand. Looks can deceive, and a modest van might be able to store everything you own with plenty of space left and transport it without an issue in mind. That being said, old vehicles or those that aren’t frequently maintained are rarely well-equipped for transportation – not to mention, movers using such a vehicle probably don’t take their job as seriously as you’d like.
  • Finally, the pay. Everyone wants to get paid for a job well-done, and movers are no different. Nothing wrong with that, but you’ll want to work with a company that can tell you the exact fee after making an initial assessment of the effort (taking into account the distance, the amount of belongings being moved, additional services and so forth). The fee should be agreed upon before the first item is loaded into the truck or van – no additional charges for “traffic hassle”, “closed roads” or any other way through which less-than-honest movers earn an extra buck. A true professional moving company will have no trouble being open and upfront about your projected expenses – if they tell you they can’t know before reaching the destination, it’s best to keep on looking.