Don’t Want to Hire Movers? 4 Ways to Move Your Stuff to a New Home

Just because you’re moving, doesn’t mean you need to hire a moving company to move your stuff. In fact, hiring movers is one option among many and probably the most expensive choice. So if you want to save money on your move, then check out these alternative ways to move that can save you money and in some cases, might be the only way you can get your stuff from your old home to the new place.

Container Moving

If you want to save money on your move, you might want to check out a self-service moving; also referred to as container packing or crate moving. It’s a great alternative if you don’t want to pay for a full service moving company, yet you don’t like the thought of driving your moving truck through city streets and over such a long distance.

As with all moving decisions, weigh the costs against your time and effort, then decide what’s best for you.

Self-Service Moving

If you’re moving, often it’s difficult to decide if you should move yourself or hire movers to do the move for you. Sometimes this decision comes down to cost and time–both of which are critical to a successful move. But what if you don’t want to move yourself, yet you can’t afford to hire full-service movers? That’s where self-service moving might be your best option.

Ship Your Stuff by Air Cargo

When deciding how to move your household goods, you might want to look at the option of air cargo. While it might not be as cost-effective as renting a truck or hiring a moving company, it is another way to get your stuff moved. And you don’t need to ship everything by air, perhaps just the things you simply can’t live without. Air cargo can be fast, efficient and pretty much guaranteed to arrive when you need it to.

Ship Your Stuff by Bus

Another option for shipping stuff is to use a bus service. Most bus companies will ship goods from one destination to another and you could find that it’s your cheapest option–in particular, if you’re moving a small amount of stuff.

But before you start driving your things to your local bus station, there are a few things to consider and stuff you need to know. Find out more about shipping your things by bus in this new feature article that’s perfect for people with little possessions or students on the move.