Benefits of hiring a moving company

Pickups, SUVs and station wagons are nice – nothing like a little more space for additional cargo during those Kodak-worthy family trips or ’round-town errands. Issues arise when owners of these vehicles try to use them for a cross-city moving effort that requires them to pack up most of their belongings, usually including furniture as well.

As great as owning a vehicle with extra space out back is – and as confident as you may be in your driving skills – you’ll need the help of a professional moving company with spacious and state-of-the-art vans, deep knowledge of interstate routes and a knack for putting items on top of one another without fear of collapse. Here’s why you’ll want to pay a little extra to have your stuff transported safely no matter the distance.

 DIY yourself moving vs. hiring a moving company

  • Your insurance probably doesn’t cover “my couch fell out of my pickup’s trailer”. The moving company you’re doing business with will almost certainly have full insurance that will see you compensated should any of your precious belongings get damaged during transportation. Most often, there’s no need to fear such a scenario, as every responsible mover will go the extra mile knowing that you placed your faith in them.
  • The ability to rest during the trip. Movers aren’t superhuman, but they know how to work around their sleep patterns to stay awake and alert for trips that could exceed 10 or even 20 hours (in the latter case, two or more drivers might need to be present). As a result, you can rest whenever you feel it necessary during the journey, be it in a roadside B&B or in the moving company’s vehicle itself. Let’s face it – you probably don’t have experience handling fatigue on 10-hour-long trips and could easily be putting others on the road in danger as a result.
  • Help with loading and unloading. This is often tough, especially by smaller households without a lot of able hands on deck. Most moving companies will offer a full service, meaning they’ll pack your things up (if need be), load them into the truck safely, unload them and place them wherever you fancy. This will save you a lot of time both before and after the moving procedure – time that can be spent on aspects of moving that are more deserving of your attention.
  • More control over how you travel to the destination. As mentioned, you can hitch a ride in the moving company’s trucks or, alternatively, drive alongside or separate from the movers with your family while taking all the necessary stops without halting the moving procedure. You can also take a plane or a similar method of transit in order to manage your time more effectively and reach your new place of residence on your own terms.
  • Less stress overall. They say stress is a killer, and they’re right – all of the points we listed will ultimately greatly reduce the amount of stress you come under. With the right moving company, your journey across a potentially great distance will feel like a breeze and you’ll be able to be focus on the exciting road ahead (ha-ha) without having to worry about the logistics of the whole thing.